"Expertly crafted on the production side, “Ms. Kubelik” has all the markings on a standout track, but something this fully formed must have some company. McFarlane’s new album “Fieldwork” is out December 7th, and it’s sure to bring more slow-burning, subtle earworms to the table."

Spill Magazine


On "The Wreck That You Are"...

"Dooood!!! This record is great!!!! Not only does it sound fantastic but the songs are very strong!!!! WOW."

Ben Bridwell,
Band of Horses


"David approached me to mix his record in 2009. He had recorded the entire album in his basement. After bringing up the tracks for mix, i was astonished by the care and attention he had taken to capturing his music. I quickly became a fan of the songs and formed a bond with David. It was like we were old friends meeting again. The album was a joy to mix and i believe we created a very special recording."

Jace Lasek,
The Besnard Lakes